I bring data alive so that new connections can be made and extraordinary achievements can be accomplished.


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Transformation doesn't start with different doing but with different thinking.


A world without friction, with velocities nearing the speed-of-light, requires a new mindset that is comfortable with ambiguity and understands how data creates scale the digital world.

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Digital transformation is not about digitising and optimising what’s currently being done.


It is about fundamentally re-thinking and re-imagining  the organisation in a digital context of constant disruption, how it operates and generates income, and how it creates scale through platforms and ecosystems.

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Data is fuel in the digital world. Higher quality means greater scale and better insights.

Poor data makes scaleable growth near impossible, and enterprise data transformation begins with a future-state view of what data is important, and how it should be classified to support increased automation and insights.

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Platforms are connectors into ecosystems but only if designed for automation and scale.

Business platforms like Salesforce and Dynamics rely on high-quality data to realise the promise of scale and automation. Without it, they become expensive toys that offer nothing new.

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Are you ready to go down the rabbit hole? Are you ready to explore, not what you know, but what you don’t know? Are you ready to face your full potential? If yes, this book will take you on an extraordinary journey.

In this ground-breaking book, Jesper Lowgren delves into the heart of business and redefines success through an exploration of what creates true value and meaning. Integrating principles from Eastern philosophy into life and business, this book will inspire you to redefine what is possible

In years to come this book will be recognised for the revolutionary ground that is has covered and the lives and businesses it has changed.
Andrew Griffiths

Australia’s #1 Small Business Author (11 books, sold in over 50 countries)


Jesper Lowgren speaking at PCMA Dec 2017

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